Our History

With over 50 years of contribution to the educational landscape,Dunrobin Christian Academy has honed and nurtured the skills and talents of many Jamaicans who today are serving in the fields of Medicine, Education and Law to name a few.

Over the years the school has distinguished itself in the performing arts, receiving medals for speech, dance and music at the J.C.D.C Festival Competition. Our netball team has performed outstandingly in the Jamaica Independent Schools Netball Competition. Academically our students have done and continue to do well in all the National Examinations.

Formerly known as Dunrobin Preparatory the school re-branded in 2015 and changed the name to Dunrobin Christian Academy. We are a Christian school and we seek to expose our students to the Christian beliefs and teachings. In a society of declining values and attitudes we seek to make a difference in the lives we touch daily.

Dunrobin Christian Academy is a potent, viable Christian legacy left to Jamaica’s Education system by the late Albert Temeir Karram. With the help of our heavenly father, hard work and dedication we continue to strive for excellence.