Dunrobin Christian Academy offers an academically stimulating programme, with flexibility to meet the needs of individual students. We work with the National Standard Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. We challenge our students to work to achieve their best potential through a great partnership; school, parent and child.  We are committed to ensuring that no child is left behind.


From as early as 14 months our preschoolers enjoy an array of academic studies along with indoor and outdoor playtime.


Our kindergarten programme focuses on building letter sounds, identifying numerals and learning early sight words which eventually assists with their reading skills. They learn to socialize and work as a team. Their vocabulary and language skills are enhanced daily, as they learn about themselves and their community.

Devotion is done daily where they are taught songs of praise and worship and introduced to bible verses and stories of the bible.

Grades 1-6

The curriculum offered at grades 1-6 is guided by the national curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education.Our students are encouraged to achieve their best and their hard work is recognized twice per term at our Honour Roll badging ceremony. 

Students who achieve an overall average of 90 percent or more are recognized and awarded a badge of excellence.

Gold Standard Academic Excellence

Our results in the National Examinations continue to show that we are committed to ensuring that our students achieve their best. Educate Jamaica based on a survey done among preparatory schools has recognized our school as a Gold Standard School of Academic Excellence. Of approximately 242 preparatory schools operating in Jamaica, only 64 are top performers, says think tank Educate Jamaica.

Dunrobin Christian Academy continues to be a school of high achievement  and our students performance over the years is proof of that fact.
Our school’s motto ‘Committed to diligence….achieving excellence’ says it all.
Over the last fifteen years 85-100 % of our students sitting the final exams in GSAT and PEP were placed at top traditional schools.Most recently one of our students was awarded a government scholarship in the last sitting of the PEP 2020 Examinations.

Our Gsat Results...gold Standard